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ACSS Members Discussion
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Contreras, commented a month ago
Rietbroek, commented a month ago
Schwarze, Mary
Principal Financial Group
Does anyone have a good reference for best practices around OFAC sanction screening in the hospitality sector, including rv parks and other short term lodging situations.
How CSS Certification Opens Doors for Compliance Professionals By Benoit Beaulieu, ACSS Reporter November 19, 2021 Training sanctions compliance professionals has never been more important. Sanctions regimes imposed by governments have increased not only in volume but also in importance... (More)
Rietbroek, liked 2 months ago

My bank has a policy prohibiting such clients (though there is an exceptions process, if justified). This is because most of those countries are also sanctioned under our domestic autonomous regimes, but we also want to help our correspondent banks... (More)