How CSS Certification Opens Doors for Compliance Professionals
By Benoit Beaulieu, ACSS Reporter
November 19, 2021

Training sanctions compliance professionals has never been more important. Sanctions regimes imposed by governments have increased not only in volume but also in importance in addressing international disputes.

Complying with legislation while keeping a door open for business is challenging, simply because companies don’t always have the expertise available when demand for qualified sanctions professionals outweighs supply. While sanctions-related material is sometimes included in the curriculum of various certifications, the depth of knowledge is limited and narrow. Certification must encompass a comprehensive understanding of all relevant regimes and their respective intricacies to meet business objectives.

The Certified Sanctions Specialist (CSS) designation, offered by the Association of Certified Sanctions Specialists (ACSS) is standalone in providing compliance professionals with an extensive, all-inclusive overview of sanctions regimes across multiple jurisdictions, along with the practical know-how needed to navigate them.

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