OFAC fined Berkshire Hathaway more than $4,000,000.

The notice says the action highlights the importance of:
(1) performing appropriate due diligence, particularly with regard to affiliates, subsidiaries, or counter-parties that are known to transact with OFAC-sanctioned countries or persons, or that are otherwise determined to be higher risk based on a variety of factors, including their geographic location, customers and counterparties, or products and services;

(2) ensuring subsidiaries understand their obligation to comply with all applicable OFAC sanctions, to include when they supply goods to other companies within their corporate chain, and to report potentially violative conduct;

(3) verifying the accuracy of end-users and associated underlying paperwork for goods shipped through third-country distributors, particularly where there are red flags indicating potential OFAC-sanctioned countries or persons.

Does this action have any practical implications or takeaways for your business?