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What kind of questions will be on the ACSS exam?

Where am I?

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Hi, all questions are multiple choice and you need to choose one out of 3 answers. The Study Guide has several practice exam questions. Here are a few:


  1. Under the EU sanctions regime, sanctions are imposed by
    1. The EU Commission
    2. The EU Council
    3. The EU Parliament
  2. Sanctions that the United States may impose against non-U.S. parties for failure to comply with U.S. sanctions are called
    1. Secondary sanctions
    2. Direct sanctions
    3. Sectoral sanctions
  3. Under the U.S. system, designation as an SDN also applies automatically to
    1. Entities owned or controlled by SDNs
    2. Entities owned 50 percent or more by any combination of SDNs
    3. Owned 50% or more by a single SDN